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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

State #41: Arizona, Phoenix

I met my marathon friend Nicole, from Chicago, in Phoenix for marathon weekend.  Phoenix is a neat city, but Old Scottsdale was by far my favorite to see.

The weather was beautiful the whole time.  It definitely became hot the last few miles.  I had a great time and my best friend from high school just moved to Tuscon so I am excited to go back to Arizona at some point.  I definitely wish I had time to do some hiking! I will have to return!

As the journey is winding down, I am doing some halfs in some of the more challenging/high altitude states.  I would like to include a hike in some of the remaining states.  I have the following states left: Indiana, Kansas, New Mexico, Alaska, Montana, North Dakota, Texas, Colorado, Massachusetts.  My plan is to still finish with Boston.   Thank you everyone for following!

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