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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

State #34: Maryland, Baltimore Marathon

Baltimore was awesome!! Yes, some runners complain about the hills, but the hills could be much worse.  The first few miles are hilly/challenging, and some hilly miles towards the end, but it's not anything a marathoner can't tackle.

I loved the Inner Harbor area of Baltimore.  There were so many neat shops and places to eat along with street performers.  I really enjoyed the spectators along the marathon course.  They had a lot of Baltimore Pride especially after all of the riots this year (2015).

My friend Jessie and I and Jessie's sister, Liana, stayed in Baltimore together.  We had a great time exploring, eating, and drinking our way through Baltimore.

And...that's a wrap for 2015! Have a great holiday season everyone and I'll be back with marathon fun in 2016!

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