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Friday, September 12, 2014

State #31: Iowa, Des Moines Marathon

Prior to flying to Des Moines, I really thought it would be a boring city, but I LOVE DES MOINES! It's a great city with lots of things to do, but there is no ocean so I'd never survive there.

Des Moines is a battleground for several presidential candidates which made it feel special to be there.
We went to the Des Moines farmer's market which was huge! We also went to the Iowa Hall of Pride (tribute to Iowa's sports and farming).  I found out that track star Lola Jones is from Des Moines! I love her!

The marathon itself was a lot of fun, the volunteers were great and we even had volunteers on bicycles that had plenty of support for us (tums, electrolytes, salt, etc.).  The start and finish were right near the Iowa Capitol which is beautiful!  We toured the Capitol building which I loved!! I love seeing old capitol buildings, there is so much beautiful history captured in capitol buildings.

Nancy's 50th State!

Famous track at Drake Univ. Drake Relays are hosted here. We ran a lap on the track :)

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