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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

State #29: Delaware, Delaware Marathon

Another marathon with Jessie! We took the Amtrak down to Wilmington, DE from Boston.  Unfortunately, someone took their life by jumping in front of the train.  It was very unsettling, and we were stuck in Connecticut for a couple of hours.  Some passengers on the train were complaining about the delay, but Jessie and I didn't complain.  It put everything into perspective for us, and we were just concerned about the safety of ourselves and everyone else. We made in to Wilmington safely and started to explore the riverfront/boardwalk area.

We were told by locals to not go downtown so we stayed near the riverfront and we frequented a local brewery called Iron Hill Brewery, it was DELICIOUS!! We definitely had a good time carb loading there.  The race was extremely hot and sunny, and there was not much shade along the course.  It was two loops which was tough, but on the second loop, I saw things that I didn't see the first loop.  I found Lori and Randy on the course which was a highlight of the trip.  We ran the Great Cranberry Island Ultra Marathon together in 2011, and it was really fun to see them again.

The next marathons that I have planned are in October with my 50 State/Marathon Maniac friend Alison Black.  I am looking forward to more miles and adventures in memory of my dad and to benefit The Center for Grieving Children in Portland, Maine. Thanks for following my journey! 

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