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Monday, October 10, 2011

#15: Rhode Island, Amica Marathon

Well I survived my second double marathon weekend.  It was great meeting new 50 Staters and Marathon Maniacs.  I helped a first timer into the finish again which made this double marathon weekend a success and worth it.  Another 52.4 miles is in the books!!

Melissa and I at the start.
Let's do this!!!

Marathon Maniacs/50 Staters on the beach in Newport before the marathon. The sky was amazing!
And my dad was with me here along the ocean!   

The gang! Check out the sky...beautiful!
Very peaceful course along the kind of run
John and I
Alicia and I   
two states. two days. 52.4 miles. i might not run as fast as a kenyan, but i have a heart of a kenyan.

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