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Monday, September 5, 2011

State #13: Minnesota, Twin Cities Marathon 10/2/11

Every marathon has been special to me for its own reasons.  This marathon reminded me how much I love traveling and exploring new places.  It also reminded me that I am never alone wherever I travel.  I have been thankful to meet several Marathon Maniacs and 50 State Club members with inspirational stories and reasons why they run.

This was my first trip to Minnesota and I loved it.  The people were all so friendly and the crowd support was amazing.  Every mile had energy and plenty of spectators along the course.  It is rated the Most Beautiful Urban Marathon and I'd have to agree.  The Twin Cities are absolutely beautiful.

I ran with two girls that were also both 25 years old that lost their dads.  We all finished together.  On my flight home, I sat next to Kirui Kipyegon from Kenya...he runs 2:14 marathons and won the Pittsburgh Marathon in 2010.  He was awesome to talk with!

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