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Monday, July 11, 2011

State #12: Idaho, Pocatello Marathon

Labor Day weekend marked 5 years since my dad has passed away.  I decided it would be liberating to travel all the way to Idaho for a marathon.Wow, what a trip....I went from Boston to Dallas to Salt Lake City then took a shuttle to Pocatello.  It took about 11 hours to get to Idaho from Boston.  I met some great MM's (Marathon Maniacs) in Idaho and went to the 50 Marathon State Club meeting.  This was the smallest/countryside marathon I have ever ran.  The water stops were great, several Idaho State University students were volunteering. The course didn't need spectators though because the scenery was beautiful and the cows, sheep, and horses provided enough cheering.

baby goats at the race start!

Myself, Cyndie, and Liz

Got potatoes?

These guys were at the starting line!

Russ and I...We ran together the whole time.  Russ lost his father at age 24.

Kathy, Lianne, and I (50 Staters)
Sunflower Mile

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