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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My first 50K (31.05 miles): Great Cranberry Island Ultra Marathon, 7/16/11

This was my most challenging race ever.  The course goes out and back on the same road 8 times.  There were lots of Marathon Maniacs and Crows which made the race fun.  Steph and I set up water balloons, super soakers, Twister, sidewalk chalk, a slip n slide prior to the race to add some fun.  I had already completed a marathon in Maine (Mount Desert Island Marathon), but of course I didn't want to miss a chance to run this one, it has was on my bucket list!  I think I'd rather bike it next year though and provide goodies to the runners.  It was a very hot day and I am not a big fan of the out and back courses, but that being said the support from the race directors, community members, spectators, volunteers, and runners was amazing.  It felt like we were at a block party!  And the lobster, beer, and MEDALS were totally worth it! The support was amazing throughout the whole event which definitely helped me stick it out each lap.  It took me about two hours longer than I had anticipated, but I had fun and that's always my #1 goal.

We came to party!
I decided to go down the slip n slide every time that I saw it.  I am now regretting this decision as my feet are all blistered from running in soaking wet shoes!
Marathon Maniacs do a jump in front of the "Marathon Maniac Frat House"!
The classic start.
All of the runners had their names on telephone polls and there were many quotations too!
I successfully made it down the slip n slide again!

MM's in front of our rental house on GCI
Gary Allen, race director, giving us the final race instructions!

Marathon Maniacs! Maniac Invasion on the island!

Sweet medals!

Leah, the female winner cruising along in my pink tutu...maybe it will have good luck now!
The first annual Marathon Maniac tutu relay was held at GCI.

The quotations along the course were fun to read while struggling!

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  1. Such a fun time and check it out, now you're an ultramarathoner!!!

    Great selection of race photos, but ya totally have to edit the post so that it includes the tutu collage! ;)