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Friday, April 22, 2011

State #8: Kentucky, Kentucky Derby Marathon

I ran the Kentucky Derby Marathon on 4/30/11 in Louisville. I stayed with my good friend Lauren from college who I did track with.  She has the most adorable little son named Cal.  He's such a cute and sweet little boy! 

Lauren & I at the marathon expo
I drove to the marathon start with Lauren's sister, Alden and her friend Abbie...they were both running their first 1/2 marathon! 
Myself, Alden, and Abbie
After I wished Alden and Abbie good luck, I started to head over to the start and for the Marathon Maniac group photo.  I met a lot of other great runners/people!

Marathon Maniacs group photo
It was in the 80s during the race and the course was pretty hilly.  I wasn't feeling so well around mile 10 and became sick.  I don't know if I was dehydrated or what was going on, but I told myself that I had already made it 10 miles so I could suck it up and make it another 16.  Sure enough, I did and I am glad I did.  I met Annette Blanton and Dave Mari (both Marathon Maniacs) during the marathon. 
Annette and I in front of a random horse sculpture :)
Bill and I!
This was Bill's something 80th marathon...he's on his second tour of the 50 states. AMAZING!  He definitely helped me get through this one...especially that huge hill at mile 23!  It's always a pleasure to find Bill at marathons.  He's full of good humor! 

The Kentucky Derby Marathon was #8 and the beginning of my first ever double marathon weekend!

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  1. Good Luck with the Kentucky Derby Marathon! I am a Louisville native and I ran the marathon last year. I am also on a mission to run 51 marathons and I will be running Nashville that same weekend. Louisville is a really fun city, and the marathon is a great race to run. I hope enjoy it!