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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

ING Miami Marathon!

I just got home from the Hood to Coast premiere and it reassured me that I must go back to Florida this month and cross it off my list! I was too sick to run the Disney Marathon this past weekend which was disappointing, but for the best.  I just registered for the ING Miami Marathon and donated $10.00 for orange shoe laces :)  The money supports youth running in Miami--I am all about it!! I started running when I was 12 ;) I am heading to Miami on January 28th.  You're probably thinking, this girl is nuts, she is still on antibiotics and wants to run a marathon.  Well, I guess you could say that.

The marathon continues to teach me a lot about myself and others.  So far it has taught me that anything is possible, and that I need running in order to be happy and for my sanity! I have found that some of my best and loyal friends are runners. We share a special bond.

After I lost my dad, I put running on the back burner and forgot how much I loved it.  I was in shock and so depressed that I didn't even want to get out of bed sometimes.  The feeling of losing someone suddenly is surreal.  I tried and tried to ignore the reality of it all, but eventually had to acknowledge what had happened.  My energy was zapped.  I didn't want to compete in any more college races because my dad wasn't on the cross-country courses or at the track meets cheering me on.  It just wasn't the same.  He never missed any of my athletic events from t-ball, ballet, soccer, basketball, softball to cross-country and track. 

I can finally run for the fun and enjoyment of running.  I have no desire to be competitive along this journey because there is a much bigger picture beyond competition.  I would rather take my time and talk to others along the way.  Perhaps even lend a helping hand to a first time marathoner the last few miles or talk to others with similar losses. This journey is about inspiring people of all ages to take a proactive approach to losing a loved one.  I wish someone had been there when I lost my dad to tell me to not give up on running especially when I needed it to the most.

I want to thank everyone who is supporting and following my journey, especially my mom and twin brother Bobby.  It wouldn't be the same without all of you. 

It feels good to be able to enjoy running again; to support the Center for Grieving Children; and to honor my dad, my best friend.

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