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Sunday, November 20, 2016

State #38: North Carolina, Tobacco Road Marathon

I met up with my friends from Maine (Hobgoods) and Larry Wasson from Indiana for this marathon. It was Saint Patrick's Day weekend so we went to an Irish Pub for beers and Irish food.

I spent most of the marathon running with Eddie Vega and Larry.  I didn't feel good around miles 22-23, but did well considering I was sick for about 2-3 weeks before.  I ran this marathon with my friends Sarah and Ann Marie's names on my arm, they are true inspirations with medical conditions they are battling.  I looked at their names several times while running and they gave me strength.

I was really happy to get through this marathon and check off another state.  I will be taking the spring and summer to focus on training.  I plan to return to marathons in the fall and my plan is to hit state 40 in October.

I really appreciate everyone's support and I am really excited to only be 12 states away from my goal. 
Finish with Larry and Eddie

At Raleigh Airport
I woke up early to leave Boston!

Saint Patrick's Day lunch

Downtown Raleigh

NC State Capitol

NC State Capitol

Liana, Me, Jessie


Thursday, September 29, 2016

State #37: Missouri, Conservation Marathon

It always feels great to have another marathon behind me.  I didn't feel that great around miles 19-20 so I ended up walking the last few miles.  It was fun to join my friend Alison again on another marathon adventure. I am excited to be two marathons away from 40 states now! I cannot wait to count down.  I am looking forward to picking marathons and half marathons in the future and not repeating the states! It has been a tough journey, but an interesting and fun one so far.   

Springfield, MO was a little city with not much to do, but Alison and I found things to do! There is no place like home!!

State #36-Nebraska, Omaha Marathon

I wasn't too thrilled originally to travel to Nebraska. I didn't want to leave Boston! I met up and shared an AirBnb with my good friend Alison Black.

Alison and I did an early start which was an adventure.  The marathon was delayed because there was a shooting on the marathon course.  Thankfully, Alison and I missed the shooting, but the area in which it took place was an area that we were close to at the same time of the incident.

I enjoyed the marathon course and felt pretty good the last 3 miles.  The finish was inside of the TD Ameritrade baseball park which was really cool.

I really felt like my dad was with me during this marathon. Some of the street lights kept flickering on and off while running in the dark.  My dad used to tell me that he turned them on and off with his brain! LOL!

I also felt like my grandmother (dad's mother) was with me because I kept seeing so many beautiful monarch butterflies.

I am really grateful to have another state behind me.  This was my 38th full marathon.  I am getting closer to 40 states which makes me very excited.  Thanks everyone for your support.

TD Ameritrade Park (finished inside the stadium)

Old Market-downtown Omaha

Omaha Farmer's Market

Standing in two states at once!

Supporting NE!


I caught Alison sliding down a 30ft slide!

Heartland of America Park