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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

#16: Nevada, Hoover Dam Marathon

Pictures do not do justice of how beautiful Lake Mead/Hoover Dam really is.
This was a beautiful one.  It was definitely challenging in the heat, but well worth the view on the course.  Joyce, the race director puts on a great marathon with plenty of support along the course.  This is a must do if you are looking to run a marathon in Nevada.  I stayed on the strip and a bus picked up the runners along the strip.  I brought sweet sixteen in with many new friends.  I ran with one woman from Arizona who gave me her breast cancer bracelet at the end of the marathon.  This marathon at some points made me want to cry because I felt like my dad was with me enjoying the scenery in the canyons and tunnels at Hoover Dam.  My friend Kayla came with me and we enjoyed Halloween in Las Vegas and the Grand was a great trip!!
Pre-race hydration bellinis!

Martha and I
Lake Mead
At the Grand Canyon.
Post-marathon...ready for some 80's Halloween Vegas action!
Mile 20 is always a happy sign.
The breast cancer bracelet a runner gave me.  I ran the last few miles with her.  She was getting very dizzy running through the tunnels (see below). 

Halloween in Vegas...80's style!

Monday, October 10, 2011

#15: Rhode Island, Amica Marathon

Well I survived my second double marathon weekend.  It was great meeting new 50 Staters and Marathon Maniacs.  I helped a first timer into the finish again which made this double marathon weekend a success and worth it.  Another 52.4 miles is in the books!!

Melissa and I at the start.
Let's do this!!!

Marathon Maniacs/50 Staters on the beach in Newport before the marathon. The sky was amazing!
And my dad was with me here along the ocean!   

The gang! Check out the sky...beautiful!
Very peaceful course along the kind of run
John and I
Alicia and I   
two states. two days. 52.4 miles. i might not run as fast as a kenyan, but i have a heart of a kenyan.

#14: Connecticut, Hartford Marathon

At the start of my second double marathon weekend...EPIC!
Dave is FAMOUS!!
This was my second double marathon weekend.  After my first double in April, I had sworn I would not do it again.  It actually is a ton of fun and completely manageable to run a double.  I had a great time with a lot of wonderful people/runners. I met Elisabeth, a first time marathoner early in the marathon and we worked together to finish the marathon.  It's always fun running with a first timer and finishing together!

Candid "point at something" 50 stater/MM pic.
We did it!! Onto marathon #2 of the weekend in Rhode Island!
MM's and 50 staters at the start of the 2011 ING Hartford Marathon.
At the expo with some great 50 stater/MM friends!
Elisabeth and I getting closer to mile 20

Pre-race dinner

Downtown Hartford

We met Kathy from the  Hood to Coast movie and her husband, they are from Portland, Oregon.