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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Kentucky Derby Marathon, 2011

Here I am again friends, registering for another marathon.  This is going to be #5: Louisville, KY.   My friend Lauren from college told me about the marathon and I registered within minutes.  See you in April for 26.2!!!


  1. Come do one in Fairbanks while I'm here!! There are a few to pick from! The longest one just happened a few weeks ago but there are others! Free lodging of course!! Good luck with them all! Love you and miss you!!!

  2. so fun!! thanks again for your support on sunday, i needed it! i think you should get a twitter account, you will be able to meet a ton of people who are running the same marathons you will be and will also help you find some good ones! xo

  3. you're welcome danielle!! anytime! i am so glad i was able to be there and you did great. it's so awesome that we share the love of the marathon :) it has really shaped my life as a way of grieving the loss of my dad.

    thanks for the suggestion, i will make a twitter acct. xoxoxo