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Sunday, November 11, 2018

State #45: Bataan Memorial Death March, New Mexico

State #44: Colorado Springs, Colorado

My best friend from high school, Martina, met me in Colorado.  She flew in from Phoenix.  It was such a great girl's weekend, but we both felt sick from the altitude.  The run was very difficult due to the altitude. 

Some highlights of the trip were going to the Garden of the Gods and driving to the top of Pike's Pike.  The drive to the top of Pike's Peak is unreal and scary! I am glad to continue this journey and looking forward to 2019.  Thank you for following my journey!
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Sunday, March 4, 2018

State #43: Kansas, Olathe

Kansas was an interesting trip.  Toward the end of the trip, I was very sick and it was not a pleasant flight home.  I am happy to survive another race and to get closer to my goal.  My favorite part of the trip was going to the Brown v. Board of Education historical site and the Wizard of Oz Museum.  I also enjoyed going to the Wine Co. where I had wine slushies! It was a good trip overall besides being sick.

I went to Kansas by myself and I have enjoyed traveling alone.  It has given me time to reflect on life and a break from work.

I appreciate all of the support!
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State #42: Indiana, Carmel

I had a fun time in Carmel with the Hobgoods and Larry Wasson.  I didn't get to go to downtown Indy, but there was plenty of things to do in Carmel.  The weekend went by way too fast.  The course was well supported, it was absolutely freezing the whole time.

I gave my Boston Marathon volunteer jacket to a really fast runner that had fallen down.  Larry and I waited for the police and medical to arrive.  The police officer took my name and phone number down in case the runner wanted to thank me.  I received a text later after the race from the runner's girlfriend thanking me and wanting to return my jacket.  I told her to keep it.  She told me her boyfriend was hoping to qualify for Boston, but since he fell and didn't finish, he didn't reach his goal.  I told her he will make it and that the running community helps each other. 

It was a short and sweet trip that ended with me pushing my college friend on the hotel luggage cart :) around the hotel. 

Onto Kansas.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

State #41: Arizona, Phoenix

I met my marathon friend Nicole, from Chicago, in Phoenix for marathon weekend.  Phoenix is a neat city, but Old Scottsdale was by far my favorite to see.

The weather was beautiful the whole time.  It definitely became hot the last few miles.  I had a great time and my best friend from high school just moved to Tuscon so I am excited to go back to Arizona at some point.  I definitely wish I had time to do some hiking! I will have to return!

As the journey is winding down, I am doing some halfs in some of the more challenging/high altitude states.  I would like to include a hike in some of the remaining states.  I have the following states left: Indiana, Kansas, New Mexico, Alaska, Montana, North Dakota, Texas, Colorado, Massachusetts.  My plan is to still finish with Boston.   Thank you everyone for following!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

State #40: Oregon, Columbia Gorge Marathon

I absolutely love Oregon.  I love the people, the mountains, the food, all of the green trees! It's a beautiful place.

I was really lucky to travel back to Oregon, I had previously attempted to run the full last year in Eugene, but I became really sick from electrolyte imbalance so I dropped to the half.  This time I was able to see Portland again and travel to another part of the state...the Columbia Gorge.  It was rainy almost the entire trip, but the beauty of the Gorge was unbelievable.  I felt like it was really special being there after the area continues to recover from fires.

The day before the marathon, I checked out some local wineries in Hood River, OR.  They were so good and everyone was so friendly.

At the start of the marathon, it was pretty chaotic, a bus broke down and the bus we took was late to the early start.  Everyone was a bit frantic.  We were bused to the top of a mountain.  It was so gorgeous running, the views were amazing.  I started to not feel well around mile 7.  The electrolyte imbalance kicked in again and I started to have stomach trouble.  I am not sure why this continues to happen to me, but I have an upcoming doctor's appointment and I hope to get some guidance or see a specialist.  I was running marathons without this issue for awhile, so it's really discouraging to have this happen during my last few races.  I ended up turning around at mile 7 and telling the volunteers and a race official what I was doing.  Overall, it didn't feel that great to turn around, but I had no other option.  I didn't want to end up in the hospital.  So I still covered more than 26.2 miles in the State of Oregon.  A really nice runner noticed that I was vomiting water after the race and she walked me to my rental car and made sure I was going to be okay.  I think that's one part of the running community that I love, we all care for each's humanity.

My really good friend Alison Black and I talked and she gave me really helpful advice.  She told me this is my journey and I can decide how I want to finish it.  She told me that I make up the rules.  It put everything into perspective for me.  She just finished her 50th state in Maryland and it was so amazing and emotional to see her finish.  We have shared a bunch of states together and every trip has been fun.

So there you have it...this is my journey and I am setting the rules.  As I go on to finish the last 10 states, my goal is just to embrace it all and have fun.  I will listen to my body and do what my body tells me to do.  This is in memory of my dad and I know he doesn't want me to become sick from pushing it too hard or not listening to my body.  He is proud.  I am getting there and I am happy this journey is almost complete, but also discouraged as I mentioned previously.  My plan is to do half marathons and triathlons after I finish.

Thank you everyone for your support!
Mt. Hood

Bloody sock :(

Beautiful Mt. Hood

Portland with Mt. Hood in the background

"I don't know anything about this Portland.  I'm sure it's nice."  I am from the other Portland in Maine!

Columbia Gorge River

Monday, May 8, 2017

State #39: Wyoming, Casper Marathon

I flew into Denver, CO and Alison and I went to Rocky Mountain National Park which was absolutely beautiful.  I went to Casper with my friend Alison.  This one was horrible.  The heat and elevation made for a miserable marathon.  Overall, there's not much in the Casper area.  I am happy to move onto the next marathon!!