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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

State #27: New York, New York City Marathon

The NYC Marathon is a once in a lifetime experience.  I was fortunate to stay with Gary and Mary from the MDI Marathon.  Gary founded Crow Athletics, the running club that I belong to in Mount Desert Island, Maine.  They were great hosts and very familiar with the marathon so it made my experience extra special!!

I decided to wear all Boston Red Sox stuff since my dad would have loved knowing that I was representing our team.  NYY-BoSox rivalry!! The Sox had just won the 2013 World Series so I bought a shirt that said "WE OWN THE PARADE." I thought it was fitting since I'd be running in the world's biggest marathon/parade.

I took the Staten Island ferry over to the start.  There was security everywhere.  I waited around for several hours before it was time for my wave to start.  Running over the Verrazano–Narrows Bridge was amazing.  I was lucky to run on the top of the double decker bridge, so I had a great view of the city. 

The spectators in Brooklyn and Harlem made this marathon.  Brooklyn residents are so happy to have the marathoners running their streets!  The sun was going down as I was finishing, and it was bitter cold.  I really just wanted to be done.  The stretch to Central Park seemed like it was going to be forever to reach the finish line.  I can definitely say that reaching the finish line of any marathon makes you feel like you can do anything.  NYC was emotional for me, as it was a big city marathon and one of the World Majors, and they painted blue and yellow lines at the finish line for Boston.  I definitely left a view tears out there for Boston. The finish experience was crazy, I was surrounded by so many other freezing finishers and I had no clue where to go.  I finally hailed down a cab after walking for a couple miles after the marathon.  I loved this marathon, but I was really glad to make it home to Boston.  I can't wait to run Boston someday, because it is a big part of my life and a lot of special memories took place in Boston with my dad.

Doug, myself, Gary

Me, Gary, Mary

Monday, May 6, 2013

State #26: New Hampshire, Clarence Demar Marathon

I ran this marathon with my college track and cross country friend, Jessie. I've known Jessie since high school. It was Jessie's first marathon and she did a great job and wants to run more marathons! Some of the hills during this marathon were absolutely brutal, in particular the hills in the cemetery after mile 20. I felt like I wanted someone to bury me in that cemetery.  I have not been having much luck with running lately, I am scheduled to get my tonsils out at the end of January.  I have felt really tired and run down a lot.  I was happy to finish this marathon even though it was a struggle.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

State #25: New Jersey, Jersey Shore Marathon

This was an emotional marathon for many marathoners after the Boston Marathon.  Several runners that could not finish Boston were able to run the Jersey Shore Marathon.  The marathon community is stronger than ever.

The Jersey Shore was still under construction since Hurricane Sandy hit.  It was sad to see how much destruction and impact it had on business and residential areas.

The highlights of this marathon for me were meeting Sutah (DIVA #1) and finding a first time marathoner, Loren, and helping her to the finish line from mile 8 and on. 

Loren and I

Boston Strong

I am really heartbroken by what happened at the Boston Marathon just a few days ago.  I was volunteering at mile 18 in Newton and had several friends that were running, spectating, and volunteering.  Thankfully, all of my friends are okay, but I am really saddened by the amount of people injured and those who are no longer here. 

Ever since I was in high school, I have wanted to run the Boston Marathon.  I plan on running Boston as my 50th state.  My dad loved Boston. He was a big Boston sports fan, especially rooting for the Red Sox.  Boston holds a really special place in my heart and it will always be my favorite city. 

I have signed up to donate blood at Boston College next week.  To donate blood, click here: Red Cross Blood Donations To donate to the One Fund that Mayor Menino and Governor Patrick have established click here:  I am joining a group run tonight (4/17) in Wakefield, MA, for two brothers that were injured at the marathon. The Mystic Runners have organized this run, all registration fees will go to the Norden Family of Wakefield. Click here to read more about the run:

I am also doing The Last Mile walk/run in Salem, MA on 4/18 at 6:45pm.  For info about this event and other events, go to:

I know our running community/family is strong and will continue to run and help the victims.  Marathon runners are some of the most generous people I have met.  I am proud of Boston and proud to call it home. Please pray for Boston, run for Boston, donate for Boston in the days, weeks, and months ahead.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

District of Columbia: Marine Corps Marathon 2012, "The People's Marathon"

Well this is the first marathon that I ran during a hurricane.  Hurricane Sandy wasn't so bad during the marathon, but she really hit us hard the day after the marathon.  My flight was supposed to leave Sunday night after the marathon, but was canceled and reschedule for Thursday.  I asked around and my friend Melissa and her boyfriend, Peter, from Connecticut had their flights canceled too.  I joined them for the beginning of a long adventure home on the road from DC to NY.  We spent the night in NY because the wind and rain was getting crazy and highways were shutting down.  In the morning we drove to CT and the Amtrak and bus service to Boston was canceled.  So I drove from Hartford to Boston then took a bus to my car and drove home!! Hoorah!! I am so glad we made it home safely and I hope everyone affected by this storm is able to recover soon.

The marathon was a bit hilly to start out, but awesome to run past several monuments.  The spectators were great with lots of funny signs and the field of runners was huge.  I really love big city marathons, love all of the spectators, and the feeling of being surrounded by others wanting to tackle 26.2 miles for many different reasons.

I decided to run this marathon to bring the race bling medal back to my Uncle Dave who is a retired Marine.  He served in Vietnam.  My family and I are planning a party for him, we will give him the medal and he will get his restored '57 Chevy with the Marine emblem painted on the back window.  It's all going to be a surprise! :)

The first few miles of the marathon were really hilly, but it was fun to have the Marines yelling times at us during the marathon.  The wind picked up a lot during the marathon due to the storm, but I survived!  The hardest part was getting to the marathon and eventually getting home.

Jody and I
I was able to meet up with a bunch of friends during the marathon and very fortunate that Jody and her husband Mark hosted me at their house in VA for the weekend! 

Louie from LA and I
Sarah, my Crow Athletics teammate and friend from Maine

Jasmin from the LA area and I at the finish.  We ran the last half together which was great! It's always nice to have someone fun to talk to during a marathon, it makes the miles go by so much faster!

Happy Birthday Dave!! 

Marathon Mitch and I

For Uncle Dave!